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Ordering guide

Welcome, honored guests,

To assist you in ordering cakes online, we would like to give you the process of the cakes ordering in the following 8 steps!

Step 1 : Select the cake group and the shape of the cake.

Step 2 : Select the cake to order, confirm the price, choose the size, select the quantity and click " ADD TO CART ".

Step 3 : After pressing " ADD TO CART ", a window will pop up. Please confirm the products in the cart and click " CHECKOUT".

Step 4 : Write your wishes on the cake: Customers write their wishes in the "Notes (Content on the cake)" , choose the date and time to receive the cake and press the "CHECKOUT" button.

Step 5 : After clicked on "Checkout", here you choose a shipping method > fill in all 6 information including: Full name, email, delivery address, city, contact phone number. You can also log in to save your information for the next payment > click the "Continue to shipping" button

Step 6 : Confirm shipping information, shipping fee and click "Continue to payment" button.

Step 7 : Enter discount code (if any) > Select payment method > Payment address (no need to change) > Click "Complete order" button

Step 8 : Complete the order and wait for us to contact you right away!